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Owen Sound Dental Clinic Staff
Mar 13 18

How to Properly Whiten Your Teeth


A beautiful, pearly white smile is a goal for most individuals. However, maintaining white teeth is no easy task. Over time, your teeth begin to lose their white colour. A variety of foods and beverages may stain them, and a lack of oral care can break down and destroy your enamel, causing teeth to become yellow. If you want that sought-after white smile, here are a few tips to properly whiten your teeth.
Eat A Balanced Diet
Eating healthy does more than just give your body energy to function each day, it can help your teeth stay strong and look their best. Additionally, when you eat certain types of crunchy fruits and vegetables, it can help remove plaque buildup on your teeth, which also creates yellow-appearing teeth. While eating more fruits and vegetables isn’t the only method you should use if you want to whiten teeth, it is a great starting point. Also, be mindful of the types of foods you do eat, as dark beverages and some foods can cause discolouration.
Use Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
Teeth whitening toothpaste is an excellent way to restore your white smile without hurting your budget. However, this option can take some time and you won’t see drastic changes overnight. There are also numerous options available, so you can choose the best toothpaste to help you whiten and clean your teeth.
Talk to a Professional
If you want to ensure a long-lasting whitening method that does not damage your teeth, consider treatment from a dentist. A dentist can offer several whitening methods including teeth whitening gel, laser treatment, and bleaching products. Additionally, not all individuals  should consider teeth whitening treatment. There are some risks involved, particularly for those with gum disease or extreme sensitivity. In addition, be aware that these methods will cost you significantly more than others.
Use Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide
Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are two ingredients that can help you whiten teeth naturally. By combining the two ingredients with one part baking soda and two parts hydrogen peroxide, you create a paste. Put the paste on your teeth and brush your teeth like you would with regular toothpaste. Then, let it sit for at least one minute on your teeth. The paste will not only clean your teeth, but it will help remove stains and create a whiter smile. Make sure you rinse your teeth well after using the paste and do not use this method every day. These ingredients can damage your enamel if used in excess, making you even more susceptible to cavities. While there are many methods to whiten your teeth, you need to determine how much time, effort, and money you are willing to spend to get that perfect white smile. It is also wise to speak with a dentist before you choose any treatment to ensure you don’t damage your teeth and destroy your enamel.

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