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Owen Sound Dental Clinic Staff
Mar 9 18

6 Foods that are Damaging Your Teeth


The foods you eat do more than just provide fuel and energy for your body. They can affect all aspects of your health, including your teeth. There are certain foods that can cause more tartar and plaque build-up than others. They can also break down enamel or even increase the risk of chipping a tooth. Here are six foods that you should avoid — or at least limit — to keep your teeth healthy.

While citrus provides many essential nutrients to stay healthy and fight illnesses, too much of it is a bad thing. Eating citrus foods can break down the enamel on your teeth, making your more susceptible to cavities and sensitivity.

Carbonated Drinks
The media has discussed carbonated drinks extensively, due to their poor effects on health. But in addition to what it does to the inside of your body, it has many effects on your teeth. Not only do darker sodas stain teeth, they also coat your teeth with acid, damaging your teeth’s

Sticky Foods
Foods that are sticky — dried fruits, fruit snacks, or certain types of candy — should all be avoided or severely limited if you want to keep your teeth healthy. Sticky foods are usually high in sugar. While brushing your teeth can get rid of much of that sugar that is lingering on your teeth, unfortunately, sticky substances find their way into holes and crevices, where it is difficult for a toothbrush to reach.

Pickles are a favourite food among many individuals but eating too many can cause serious havoc on your teeth. Pickles contain exceptionally high amounts of vinegar. This acid poses a serious risk to your enamel and too much of it can break enamel down quickly. If you love pickles, try to limit your intake and be sure to drink lots of water after eating them. If possible, brush your teeth immediately after eating this popular food item.

Many individuals don’t even think twice about popping an ice cube in their mouth. After all, ice has zero calories and helps to keep your body hydrated. However, it can seriously damage your teeth. Ice is extremely hard and can easily crack, chip, or break a tooth. You may want to keep
your dentist’s number handy if you have a habit of regularly munching on this item.

Popcorn is another favourite food but can quickly chip or crack a tooth. Those hard popcorn kernels should never be placed in your mouth as they are too hard to munch on. Additionally, if popcorn ever becomes stuck in between your teeth, you should always make sure to floss shortly after eating a bowl of it. The bacteria left behind can cause cavities and when kernels are stuck between your teeth, your toothbrush is not likely to reach there.
While proper oral care, such as brushing, flossing, and regularly visiting the dentist are essential to your teeth’s health, it is also vital that you monitor what foods you place in your mouth. Be sure to regularly visit a dentist for an extensive cleaning and to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

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